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About Us

The Farfaru Journal of Multi-Displinary studies, Special Conference Edition is the central academic publication of Shehu Shagari College of Education, Sokoto. It is published on behalf of the College Authority by the Seminar, Conference and Workshop Committee which has the overall responsibility for organizing National Conference in the College. Only papers presented at the National Conference are sent out for assessment by reputable academic scholars. The articles adjudged publishable by the assessors get published in the journal. However, neither the College Authority nor the Committee necessarily shares the views expressed in the Journal. The views are those of the contributors.

Who We Are

The Farfaru Journal of Multi-Displinary studies, Special Conference Edition is a publication which takes its name from the suburb of Sokoto City, Known as Farfaru, in which the college is situated.

Why We Do This

As its name implies the Journal seeks to provide a regular avenue, forum or platform through which valuable and useful research work and scholarly discussions, encompassing all fields of knowledge, scholarship and intellectual endeavour, would be promoted and disseminated. It aims to pool in one publication research findings and information on all the disciplines presented at the National Conference. The articles from all disciplinary as long as they have something new, meaningful, valuable or significant to contribute to knowledge, would be considered for publication after undergoing a thorough assessment by relevant scholars. However, the editorial board reserves the right to accept or reject any article for publication without any obligation to give reasons for such action.