Sokoto Farfaru Journal of Multi-Disciplinary  Studies, is a Special Conference Edition of central academic publication of Shehu Shagari College of Education, Sokoto. It is published on behalf of the College Authority. The  journal stands out as an academic forum for researchers and authors of academic output across the globe.
The mission of Sokoto Farfaru Journal of Multi-Disciplinary  Studies SSCOE, is to serve as a reliable and verifiable means of disseminating research findings and methods in  different areas of discipline. The journal will ensure academic interactions in an interdisciplinary passion for the diversification of researches and research outcomes in all the disciplines presented at the National Conference  for the benefit of mankind                                                       
The journal therefore, welcomes original research findings and innovative theoretic as well as applied ideas and their applications in different areas of discipline. In addition, these concepts must be based on aspects of education paradigms and governing conditions. The journal also encourages identification, establishment and practicalising of theoretic concepts embodied in the numerous branches and sub-branches of education in our every day life experiences especially in line with the global drives towards automation, optimisation, and cutting edge technology.                              
                                                 Instructions to authors
Manuscripts should be prepared in English, Arabic or French and  typed in MS word format with double line spacing and not exceeding 5000 words with a maximum of 6 tables/figures. The script should be divided into the five sections (title page, abstract, text, references and tables & illustrations) with each section beginning on a new page and under the following specifications.                                                                      A
This section should carry the following information in the order listed:  i. Title of the article  ii. Names of authors (First name i.e. surname in full, second and last name abbreviated; no titles or qualification may be attached).  iii. The department(s) and institution(s) to which the work should be attributed. iv. Name, postal address, e-mail address and telephone number of the corresponding author.  v. Financial support information (e.g. agency, grant number).                                                 
In particular, Articles will be  published based on the following: 
Ø Editorial comments 
Ø Original articles 
Ø Short communications  
Ø Preliminary research findings
Ø Letters to the editor 
Ø Opinions  
Ø Review articles                                              

This should be not more than 250 words and should be structured in such a way as to present a summary of the contents of the article. It should state the main aim of the article, the methods employed, the results obtained. Authors should also provide 3-5 key words  after abstract.                                   

                                                   Main body of the articles
The main body of the article should include; introduction, notation/method adopted as well as results established.  There should also be a conclusion section, and where possible acknowledgment and recommendations for further researches.                                          
The references should be numbered in the order in which they appear in the text. They should be  written in italics . References should Include the names of all authors.  Articles cited                                  
                                                   Examples of References
1.. Ibrahim A.A. Some Transformation Schemes Involving the Special (132) – avoiding Permutation Patterns and a Binary Coding: An Algorithmic  Approach Asian Journal of Algebra. (2008) 1 (1):10-14.
2. Ibrahim A.A and Audu M.S. On wreath Product of Permutation groups Proyecciones Journal of Mathematics. (2007)  26(1): 73-90     
                                                               Review Process
All manuscripts submitted to the journal will be sent to two independent reviewers who must also be experts in the relevant area of research expressed in the manuscript as determined by the editorial board. The board shall also re-review and edit manuscripts accepted for publication to make sure it conforms to specified journal style. Criteria for Authorship Authors should also note that the criteria for publishing in the Sokoto Farfaru Journal of Multi-Disciplinary Studies, Special Conference Editionin, cludes; the provision of a substantial information on original concepts consistent and coherent method of analysis and convincing results.  Authors listed in the manuscript should meet the above criteria. On the order hand, those who meet criteria for authorship should not be excluded.      
                                                       Tables and Ellustrations 
Each table should be on a separate page, typed double-spaced, numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals and have appropriate title. Vertical internal lines should be avoided. Horizontal parallel lines should be limited to three: the table number and title should be placed above the first line, column headings above the second line and all the data above the third line. Illustrations should be submitted in the jpeg format (or MS word of good size and high resolution) or glossy prints (not to be mounted). Each illustration should be appropriately titled and numbered in consecutive order. References should be made to tables and illustrations in the Results or Discussion in parenthesis.    

                                    Reports and Brief Communications  
Letters related to manuscripts previously published in the journal must be received within six weeks of the article publication. Accepted letters may be edited before publishing.    

Corresponding authors will receive galley proofs of their manuscripts for proof-reading and must return all such texts within 72 hours. Corrections should be imited to typesetting errors as any major change in the manuscript at this stage will not be accepted by the editorial board..

On acceptance of the manuscript, all authors should sign the copyright form. The Sokoto Journal of Algebra reserves exclusive copyright of all published papers. 

Authors can order for reprints (using the journal’s order form) at the time of acceptance of their manuscript at a cost indicated as at the time.

                                                   Manuscripts submission
An electronic copy of the manuscript can be submitted via our website: Authors can also use our  Journals e-mail

                                                     Editorial Office Address
Under Graduate Studies Building, Shehu Shagari College of Education Sokoto Nigeria. Sokoto State  e-mail: GSM: +234(0)-(8053635139, 8065943036 website:

                                                              Submission Fee
Each manuscript should be accompanied by a non- refundable processing fee of five thousand naira (N5,000) or its equivalent in US dollars. This should be in a bank draft or certified cheque, made payable to Sokoto Farfaru Journal of Multi-Disciplinary  Studies SSCOE. Payment can also be directly into the journals account at......... Manuscripts submitted without this fee will not be processed. Upon acceptance, authors are expected to pay a publication fee of (N15,000.00) Fifteen Thousand Naira Only. Note: The contents of each published manuscript are the opinion and responsibility of the author(s). They do not reflect the opinion or policy of the journal.